About Us

We are a couple of Australian coin collectors who have been collecting coins for many years. Over this time we think we've become fairly well educated in many areas of the hobby including Australian decimal and pre-decimal coins, Commonwealth coins and error coins. One of the key areas we've been interested in is the storage of coin collections. There are so many products on the market that contain harmful chemicals or PVC that will actually damage your collection over time and many collectors are not aware of the harm they could be causing their collections. Over time we've found products that we're happy to say are usable for the long term storage of valuable coins and if used correctly will help to ensure that your coin comes out of storage the same way you put it in. We're lucky enough to have teamed up with the manufacturers of these products and can offer them for sale here. You can also find us selling on ebay.

This store isn't our only presence on the internet and in numismatics, we own and write for a popular Coin Collecting Blog and write the occasional article in the Australasian Coin and Banknote magazine. You will find us attending coin shows around the cointry and also posting from time to time on the The Australian Coin Forum as markn or purplepennyhunter. Please feel free to join up to the forum, it's a friendly and informative community of Australian coin collectors.