Alternative Methods To Use Saflips

This guide shows some different ways to make use of Saflips other than our recommended method of using Saflips.

Alternative 1

Alternative 1 – A Coin on Each Side
If you’re looking to make the most out of your albums and pages you could place a coin in each half of the Saflip as we see above. We’ve done this with coins taken straight from broken mint rolls, put a nice UNC coin in each side of the flip, folded it in half and then placed it in an album page. If you have 2 coins the same this might be the solution for you just to save that little bit of space.

Alternative 2

Alternative 2 – Cutting the Saflips in Half
To make your Saflips go a bit further cost-wise you could cut each Saflip in half and store a coin in each half as you can see in the image above. This makes the Saflips a very cost effective and is a safe method of storage. It’s pretty much essential that you heat seal each half of the flip if you’re using this method as the coin will come out of the holder pretty easily. If you’re housing these coins in album pages then one trick if you can’t heat seal the flip is to place the flip upside down or on it’s side and it will be more easily held in the page. Just beware if you’re using this method, the flips will not be held as well in 2×2 coin album pages and the holders could fall out if you hold the page or album upside down.
Alternative 3

Alternative 3 – Multiple Coins in Each Half
This method seen above requires the use of a heat sealer. If you have smaller coins such as threepences to display in your album you might want to consider placing more than one in each Saflip. Ideally you’d want to heat seal through the middle of the Saflip either vertically or on the diagonal to prevent the coins touching. This is an innovative method of using the flips and a great way of maximising the value of your coin accessories while still providing your coin collection with an archival safe storage method.