Our Vision

The storage of your collection is a very important and fragile issue. What about those coins that you’re yet to buy? The coins in dealers stock books that you are going to see at the next coin show and fall in love with. What about that next coin you purchase online off another collector? Congratulations on doing the right thing for your own collection but what about all the other coins out there that potentially one day might be yours?

The Purple Penny has a vision to rid the coin industry of PVC products and provide quality archival coin storage solutions to keep the captive coins in this world comfortable until they pass on to their next owner.

How upsetting is it to see a truly beautiful coin and on closer inspection see it has a haziness or toning due to PVC storage. Mishandling is a huge issue detrimental to the coins longevity. It can render a once valuable coin worthless.

We believe slabbing is becoming popular because of the security it can offer your coins. Once a coin is slabbed it is protected from environmental factors, poor storage and mishandling. It is also given a guarantee of authenticity and a grade that will give you a stepping stone in deciding whether the coin is for you. Slabbing has quite high costs associated with it and for valuable coins it’s well worth the efforts but what about the rest of your collection?

With The Purple Penny’s coin storage accessories you are guaranteed PVC FREE, acid free, archival quality products from an Australian owned and run small business. We’re endeavouring to get our products out there and used by all collectors so there won’t be any storage issues in the future. Don’t all coins deserve a comfortable home?