Replace Your PVC Coin Storage Products -A Readers Comments

PVC Residue on Coins

We’ve recently corresponded with a fellow collector who has expressed his concern to us about his current storage methods and is taking steps to remedy his collection for future archival conservation.

Dear Sir or Ma’am,
I am looking forward to receiving these new albums and PVC free pages to replace my current albums and pages because I do not want the same thing happening to my current collection that occurred with an old (name removed) coin album. I bought this album in Broken Hill, where I originally come from, some time during the middle to late 1960’s. Many years later I discovered that the round 50c pieces and a few other coins had a greenish tinge on them. Needless to say that this old album has long since been replaced. I now use the 2×2 holders for my coins and did not twig until I read your articles about the dangers of PVC that the pages I am now using could also be made of PVC.

When I go into my local dealer (name removed) next I ask them if they will start having the Purple Penny PCV free coin albums and 20 pocket coin pages on their shelves, because most of the 20 pocket pages I will be replacing with the Purple Penny type were originally purchased from here over the years.

I’ve now read the info on both websites and found them all very helpful and interesting.

I’m more than happy for you to use my words and hopefully they might help someone else to take the action I have to replace their PVC based albums and pages with those that are free of PVC.

It is rather sad that the industry organisations (names removed), for example, are not actively encouraging their membership to replace their stock with non-PVC based albums and pages, which are known not to damage their clients collections. This might encourage the Numismatic and Philatelic album and page manufacturers to use non-PVC materials in their products that are known and have been proven not to damage coins and stamps.

It is good to know that a company like the Purple Penny is out there providing collectors with an alternative to PVC based products being sold by many coin and stamp dealers. I’ll certainly be letting the people at my local dealer (name removed) know that I will not be purchasing their PVC based products and suggest they consider stocking the non-PVC based albums and pages available through the Purple Penny.

Many thanks.
Kindest Regards,

January 2010