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2 Dollar Coin Rolls, Mint Bags and More!

We have newly listed a hoard of Mint and security company rolls and bags in the two dollar denomination. Keep your eye on our newly listed items for more rolls and bags in other denominations to be listed in the coming month.

Collecting the $2 coin is becoming more popular with the release of more and more commemorative coins. We have just listed rolls from the first years of issue 1988 and 1989 (yes, the coins with the HH on the reverse) and the harder to find years 1992 and 1999. Then we have a run of Armaguard rolls from 2001 to 2006. Rolls and bags we have it all including the Royal Australian Mint issued collectable 5 coin bags of some of the coloured coins.

Also listed is a special signed folder of the 2016 Paralympic coin, the packaging autographed by coin designer Bronwyn King. As well as this we also have stock of the Possum Magic coins in the special “collect and keep” folder from the Mint.

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Christmas Trading, Mailing and Closures

Christmas is almost here! The jolly man in the red suit will be coming soon. Wishing our customers and readers a very Merry Christmas, enjoyable festive season and a Happy New Year.

Mail Movements
Paid orders will be mailed up until Friday December 22nd.
We will also be mailing Wednesday 27th-Friday 29th inclusive in keeping with Australia Post opening hours.
No paid orders will be mailed in the first week of January.

Shop Closure
The Purple Penny webshop will be open for orders and emails until New Years Day.
We will be closed the first week in January. During this time we will be out of the office and away from email. During our closure you can still make your purchase through our webshop to secure your item/s. We will attend to those sales once we reopen.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time.

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Error Coins Aplenty

As our customers and readers know we love a good error coin and we’ve just listed up a number of premium ‘dodgy’ coins that will suit every budget. Take a look at the coolest planchet flaw that leaves a hole right through the coin, the rarely seen ramstrike dollar coin or 20% off centre one cent all in our coin errors category in the webshop.

Australia 1964m Penny Planchet Flaw Hole Error almost Uncirculated

Australia 1994 Dollar Ramstrike Error Choice Uncirculated

Australia 1966 1 Cent Off Centre Strike Error Gem Uncirculated

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Adelaide Coin Show November 18th and 19th 2017

Just a heads up to our friends in and around Adelaide and those visitors from interstate we’ll be attending the NSSA Coin, Banknote, Stamp & Collectable Expo in November at the Torrens Parade Ground in the city. Entry is free and so is parking so we’d love to see you there. Put it on the calendar now!

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New Additions In the Shop

A stable of mules have been added to the inventory of coins for sale this month, the better coins grading  XF40 and AU55 by PCGS. We also added some gold coins to the shop which were quickly snapped by by a sharp eyed collector. The George V sovereigns and half sovereigns all graded mint state. A quality coin also now available is a 1939 kangaroos reverse halfpenny, a really great looking coin in a lovely high grade. Only 2 coins grade higher on the PCGS population, one in MS65BN and MS64+RB.

Our stock of 1934-35 Melbourne Centenary florins (of which we’ve had quite a few) was close to selling out so we hunted down some new quality coins grading PCGS MS65. They are now listed up.

Decimal collectors should note the 1972 5 cent in PCGS MS67, a superb grade and also a low echidna variety -see the listing for more explanation on that.

We’ve recently restocked the shop in Saflips, Saflip inserts and album pages so if you need more supplies they are currently in abundance.

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New Listings

It’s been 2 months since we launched the new revamped website and feedback has been fantastic, thank you. The customer experience has improved and we’re happy to say that sales are up too! We have been listing some new items and freshly graded coins just back from PCGS. A highlight has been a New Zeand 1955 proof shilling that was quick to sell.

This week we’ve listed up some fantastic British coins that include 1892, 1901, and 1908 maundy sets and a superb red 1899 GB penny.

On the Australian front we have just listed a 1938 threepence, and 1938 sixpence both in PCGS MS66 and both equal finest graded.

For the error and varieties collectors we listed a New Zealand Bahama Islands mule and an Australian 1981 NO SD variety 2 cent both PCGS graded. You may have also missed a 1975 50 cent struck 20% off centre that brought a lot of interest from buyers.

Keep an eye out for more newly listed coins in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by our website.

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New Website Goes Live

Whilst we wait for our latest submission at PCGS we’ve been secretly working on revamping The Purple Penny website. We’ve spent 8 years in the old shop but it was time to update and re-energise the design and processes within the website. As a result we’ve completely re-jigged everything from the shopping basket, checkout process, coin listings, layout and design. This should all provide a better and more streamlined customer experience. Moving to WordPress has had it’s challenges but internet, coding and php wizz Mark has been at the top of his game. Thanks to Marks hard work and backseat driving from myself the new site looks amazing. Our guide dog puppy Maisy thinks it looks good too!

With all new challenges we expect some teething problems. If you are having trouble with anything including making your purchase then please contact us and let us know. If you notice any problems them we’d also like to know what they are so we can rectify them promptly. If you love the new site you could always send us a message and tell us that too!

Many Thanks,