1966 Operation Fastbuck Wallet Mint Set


Coin Type:1966 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c and round 50c.
Mint:Royal Australian Mint 
Metal:Bronze, Cupro-Nickel and 80% silver
Obverse:Elizabeth II (Arnold Machin)
Reverse:Standard Designs (Stuart Devlin)

It is with great hesitation that I list this coin set for sale as we know how rare these are and how hard they are to buy.

It was a huge task to deliver new decimal coins around the country for changeover day on February 14th 1966. It was called “Operation Fastbuck” and after it was all done the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) held a function and thanked 70 persons involved in the distribution by giving them a special personalised 1966 mintset -these have come to be known as the Fastbuck wallet.

An uncirculated set of coins held in a rigid plastic insert fit into a folded wallet with a gold RBA symbol on the green front. Inside in gold text reads:

“Presented by the Reserve Bank of Australia to J. PIERSON as a memento of his participation in “Operation Fastbuck” Nov.1965-Feb.1966″

The folder is in excellent condition, the rigid plastic insert is cracked and has a bottom piece missing but still holds the coins as intended. The coins uncirculated and the copper toned.

This particular set was given to J. Pierson. We believe John worked in security with Treasury in Canberra during the changeover period.

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