2020 Donation Dollar Security Bag -Royal Society for the Blind RSB DONATION


Coin Type:Australia $1 x 20
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Green Donation
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Security bag of 20 x 2020 Donation $1 coins. $20 face value brilliant uncirculated coins from the Royal Australian Mint.

This bag will cost you $30 per bag ALL of which will be donated to our chosen charity the RSB (postage extra).

YOU-are getting $20 in face value coins to keep and are making a donation of $10 to the RSB.
US -The Purple Penny-are donating the $20 face value of the bag to the RSB.
Total value donated $30 per coin bag. Donations to the RSB in particular the Operation K9 program, more information RSB Operation K9

Bank deposit payment only means all the money goes to the charity.