2020 Eureka! Australia’s Gold Rush Mintmark and Privy Mark Four Coin $1 AlBr Uncirculated Set


Coin Type:Australian Dollar Coins
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Australia shaped gold nugget with EUREKA above and AUSTRALIA's GOLD RUSH around (Tony Dean)

The Australian gold rushes led to the development of modern Australia, but life on the goldfields could be harsh. The remote desert landscapes of Western Australia needed supplies, and camels were ideal for the job. Camels were imported into Australia by ‘Afghan’ cameleers, and were crucial to WA’s gold industry. We honour the hardy camels and their enterprising cameleers with this 2020 mintmark and privy mark four coin set. The set contains the ‘C’ Mintmark and ‘S’,’M’, and ‘B’ privy mark coins. This is the third issue of a three year program remembering Colonial Australia.

Issued in a blister pack in a folder. The folder depicts Afghan Cameleers and camels, both of which were vital for hauling food, water, and equipment to gold prospecting sites.

*Stock images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint. We may have multiples available.

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