2022 Dinosaurs Downunder – Mintmark and Privy Mark Dollars Four Coin Uncirculated Set


Coin Type:Australian Dollar Coins x 4
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Diameter (approx):25mm
Mass (approx):9g
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Australenator (A. Ball)

The theme for the Royal Australian Mint’s mintmark coins in 2022 is ‘Dinosaurs Downunder’. The coins depict the indigenous Australian dinosaur, the Australovenator in fossil form and in action chasing it’s prey. The Australovenator (Southern Hunter) was a bipedal carnivore found in Australia in the late Cretaceous period. It would have stood 2 meters tall and weighed 500-1000 kilograms.

This set contains uncirculated aluminium bronze ‘C’ Mintmark and ‘S’,’M’, and ‘B’ privy mark one dollar coins in a hard perspex case with outer protective box. The outer box depicts the Platypterygius, a marine reptile of 3500kg that inhabited a sea that covered much of eastern Australia during the Cretaceous period. Note that the RAM has redesigned the outer box for easy removal, a considerable improvement over the 2021 mintmark set.

*Stock images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint. We have multiples of this new product available under our authorised distributor status.