2022 Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cent Silver Proof Coin


Coin Type:50c
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:999 Silver
Mass (approx):18.24g
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Royal Cypher and Crowns (B. Scott)
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In 2022, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, celebrates her Platinum Jubilee with 70 years sitting on the throne. In keeping with tradition the Royal Australian Mint marks this significant milestone with the release of a specially designed coin struck in 999 fine silver to exacting Proof standards. The reverse shows the Queen’s royal cypher framed in Lily of the Valley and Golden Wattle. Above the cypher are 70 crowns of St. Edward, one for each year of the Queen’s reign.

*Stock images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint. We have multiples of this new product available under our authorised distributor status.