2023 Fifty Cent Tetradecagon Year of the Rabbit Uncirculated 50c Coin In Card


Coin Type:Tetradecagon 50c
Mint:Royal Australian Mint 
Metal:Copper Nickel
Diameter (approx):31.51mm
Mass (approx):15.37g
Obverse:Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Year of the Rabbit (Tony Dean)

Lunar Year of the Rabbit copper nickel tetradecagon (14 sided) fifty cent struck to uncirculated quality and presented in a red folder. 2023 is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit , the fourth year of the 12 year Chinese lunar cycle. Traditionally it is thought that those born in the Lunar Year of the Rabbit exhibit characteristics of optimism, graciousness, and generosity. This is the eleventh coin released in this series.

*Stock images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint. We have multiples of this new product available under our authorised distributor status.

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