Australia 1966 Silver 50 Cent Obverse Planchet Flaw / Strike Through Error


Coin Type:Australia Round 50 cent
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:80% Silver
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Arnold Machin)
Reverse:Coat of Arms (Stuart Devlin)

It is exceptionally unsual to see an error of ANY type on a 1966 round 50 cent. In more than 10 years we would have seen less than ten and here we have an interesting DOUBLE error. This particular 1966 round 50 cent shows a linear planchet flaw on the obverse of the coin extending fully from one rim to another across the full diameter from the second E in ELIZABETH to the I in Australia.

Around the I in AUSTRALIA there’s a small strike through error where (most likely) the coin was struck through a small piece of 80% silver planchet.

Supplied in an archival Saflip.