Australia 1981 Charles and Diana 50c Double Strike and Partial Collar Error


Coin Type:Australia 50 Cent
Grade:Extremely Fine
Mint:Royal Mint (London)
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth (Machin)
Reverse:Portraits of Charles and Diana

Spectacular double error 1981 Charles and Diana 50 cent. Double struck and partial collar error. The first strike was 90% off centre. The second was centered but the protruding first strike resulted in only partial collar engagement and typical stepped rim of the partial collar error is evident. Note also the fishtailing of lettering of ELIZ on obverse which confirms the 90% off centre strike was the first strike.

Errors on 50 cent coins are among the most desirable in the Australian decimal series. This is the first error of this type we’ve seen.

Supplied in an archival Saflip.