Australia 2000 $1/10c Mule Error aEF about Extremely Fine PCGS AU53

Coin Type:Australia 2000 $1/10c Mule
Grade:PCGS AU53
Mint:Royal Australian Mint, Canberra
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Certificate Number:84220628
Obverse:Elizabeth II (Ian Rank-Broadley) 
Reverse:Mob of Roos (Stuart Devlin)

In the year 2000 someone at the Mint in Canberra made a serious mistake. The technician paired the mob of roos dollar reverse with the obverse used for the 10 cent piece. This created the famed dollar mule seen here. These coins were sent into circulation and the mistake identified by collectors just a few years later when the mule hunt began. The mintage is uncertain but estimated to be around 6,000-7,000 coins of the 7,592,000 total mintage for that year. Highly collectable in any grade.