Australia 2019 $2 Police Remembrance “Bullseye” Error Paint on Wrong Side Uncirculated Still in Mint Bag


Coin Type:Australian $2
Grade:Gem Uncirculated -coin still in mint bag!
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth (Ian Rank-Broadley) with blue and white paint
Reverse:Police Remembrance -no colour

Bullseye! You can imagine the excitement and surprise when this coin was found in it’s original Mint packaging! The paint has been mistakenly applied to the wrong side of the coin. A quick population survey counts no more than 20 of these error coins in existence from all the millions of coloured $2 from all years manufactured by the Royal Australian Mint.

This coin has been left as is, still contained, uncirculated, in the mint bag that was taken from a Royal Australian Mint Jumbo bag. Purchase this coin and its 24 normal friends for comparison in the complete coin bag. As far as we are aware this is the FIRST two dollar coin with the paint on the wrong side that is still in it’s original packaging. A very rare opportunity to own a desirable error that is packaged thus.

Offers invited, send us a message.

Note that the images are taken through the plastic of the mint bag so they are not up to our usual high standards. Removable bobby pins used to keep the error coin separated, does not damage the bag or contents.