Australia Undated 2 Cent Struck on Split Planchet


Coin Type:Australia 2 Cent
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Arnold Machin)
Reverse:Frill Necked Lizard(Stuart Devlin)

Amazing 2 cent coin struck on a split planchet. The blank that this coin was struck on split BEFORE it was struck. This is apparent from the characteristic striations on the weakly struck portions of the reverse. On the obverse you can see the extreme weakness in the design on the thinnest portions of the coin. Note also the razor sharp rims on the reverse that are also typically seen on split planchets.

This is one of less than 10 errors of this type in the Australian decimal series that we’ve seen in the previous decade and we’d happily say it’s the rarest error we’ve posted for several years.

Red brown and uncirculated. Weights a full 1.5 grams underweight at 3.47 grams.

You can read more about coins struck on split planchets here.

Supplied in an archival Saflip.

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