Coin Collecting Starter Pack -Album, Pages, Saflips and Inserts

Start collecting habits off on the right foot with this complete new collectors pack for the young, old, experienced or beginner collector. Everything you need to get a collection happening -just add coins!!

1 x 40mm Coin Album with Slip Cover, 2 x 10 pack of 20 Pocket 2×2 Coin Pages and 4 x packs of 2×2 Saflips with Card Inserts.

The perfect gift or incentive to get that new collector started. PVC free coin collecting accessories in a complete pack.

You will receive:

One 3 ring coin album with slip cover. These coin albums are PVC free, acid free and metal free. The albums are a true archival grade storage solution for your coin collection. The albums and slip cases are made from durable black textured polypropylene and the rings made from ultra strong glass fibre reinforced nylon. The corners of the albums will not split like other ring binders with plastic coated cardboard covers. Polypropylene, the plastic used to make our albums, does not emit vapours that may harm your valuable coin collection nor does it degrade in humid or hot conditions found in various regions around Australia.

Plus 20 x 20 pocket coin pages (2 packs). These are our own branded coin album pages to suit 3 ring albums only. These pages are made from archival quality polypropylene and contain no harmful PVC (poly vinyl chloride) or associated softeners. They are safe for the long term storage of your coins as they will emit no vapour or gases or leach harmful chemicals onto your valuable coin collection.

Plus 4 packs of Saflips with Card Inserts. Each pack contains 50 double pocket 2 inch by 2 inch (2×2) coin flips. They fit perfectly into the 20 pocket coin pages. Included are 4 packs of plain acid free card inserts approximately 43mm square which fit neatly into the 2×2 Saflips. Use these to write Country, Year, Denomination, Grade or your Catalogue Reference Number on. The Saflips can be heat sealed for an airtight seal and the second pocket used for the paper insert or even second coin -it’s totally up to you! Saflips are made from Archival Coin Safe Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is completely PVC free.