Medals As Art. Australia and the Meszaros Tradition by John P Sharples


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1990. Published by the Museum of Victoria. Explores the medallic work of Andor and Michael Meszaros as part of an exhibition held at the time.

Softcover in excellent condition. 30 pages.

“Most people are aware of medals only as military or sporting awards or as small mementoes of historic events………..But the medals are not just shiny discs of metal, they have a design on which much time and care has been spent to achieve a meaning. It is the aim here to explore the history of the medal from the point of view of the artistic variety of that design….”

The Meszaros name is of great importance in Australia’s history from the 1966 decimal coin designs that could have been to the 1956 Olympic participation medal designed by Andor Meszaros and works by his son Michael Meszaros listed in detail in this book.