The Royal Melbourne Regiment Collar Badge Die Stokes Military 1953-1960


6th Battalion The Royal Melbourne Regiment Collar Badge Die ex Stokes. The die clearly shows the Queen’s crown used from 1953 to 1960 -one of the rarer collar badges to find (usually seen with the earlier King’s crown not the Queen’s crown). Features a kangaroo above the number 6, an external wreath of wattle and the motto SEMPER PARATUS (always ready).

Cylindrical steel die weight 1.074kg. Die diameter 53mm, the numbers C169 engraved at the top of the die. 58mm tall. Actual design impression 30mm x 21mm.

Information about the badge this die was used to make can be found in this book “Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australia Army Post 1953 (‘QEII Series’)” which is for sale on eBay. The badge features on the book cover attesting to it’s rarity.

image courtesy eBay listing