Australia 1944s Florin Wrong Planchet Error Struck on Shilling Planchet PCGS MS63 Choice Uncirculated


Coin Type:Australia Florin Struck on Shilling Planchet Error
Grade:PCGS MS63 Secure Plus Choice Uncirculated
Mint:San Francisco
Certificate Number:30509521
Obverse:George VI (Thomas Paget)
Reverse:Coat of Arms (George Kruger Gray)

A rare and super top quality pre-decimal error graded by PCGS . This florin was struck in San Francisco (USA) on a planchet intended for a shilling. The San Francisco Mint was striking coins for Australia in 1944 and struck both shillings and florins (along with sixpences and threepences). It’s undersize means it didn’t fill the collar and has much outside design missing. It shows metal flow particularly noticeable below the date on the reverse. Weighs 5.65 grams which is noted on the holder -the exact weight of a shilling. ┬áRead about wrong planchet coin errors.