The Purple Penny’s personal Coin Storage Recommendations -from the Collector


Gday, just want to check out the sleeves, its good to see a seller who seems to be honest about selling pvc free coin storage equipment… i spent alot on holders and sleeves that contain harmful chemicals so now i’ve got to try rectifying this. Any advice on who to look at for other PVC free items such as 2×2 holders and capsules as i notice you only sell the sleeves. Kind Regards eBay buyer



Thank you for your questions. Yes we currently only sell polypropylene albums and pages that my partner and I have had made for ourselves. We found ourselves in the same position as you are and realised there wasn’t a suitable product on the market so we sourced a solution and here we are.

There is tonnes of useful information that we have written about storage solutions here:

There’s a whole section of the blog on storing your collection in the categories list down the left hand side.

It depends on what you have to house and how you want it displayed as to the right solution for you. Personally for my bulk collection I use staple cardboard 2×2’s (never adhesive ones) in The Purple Penny polypropylene pages inside The Purple Penny polypropylene albums. I also have some 2 inch Saflips and I am currently researching options for heat sealing these to make them airtight. They slip into the 2×2 pages perfectly instead of cardboard 2×2’s. Other safe options are Eagle mounts or (foam ring type) Air tite capsules some of which I have.

For high value coins I lean towards slabbed coins particularly by PCGS because of the guarantee of a genuine coin, guarantee of the coin not having been cleaned and a place to start with regards to grading.

For the housing of banknotes and mintmark dollar folders I use the Lighthouse Vario pages (2c, 3c or 4c). These are made from polypropylene. I have to get out the hole punch and rehole the pages to fit albums as the precut holes aren’t round.

There are hard plastic pages available made from HDPE (a safe plastic) which I store the Airtite capsules and the slabbed coins.

Now I am beginning to think I have too many coins!!

I hope I have helped you with determining the right storage solution for your prized collection.


The Purple Penny