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June 2021 Royal Australian Mint New Releases

The following products will be available for purchase from us on Thursday June 3rd 2021. If you are interested in any of them please contact us and we will register your interest.

  • 2021 50c Uncirculated Coin – 95th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II RRP $15.00
  • 2021 50c Gold-Plated Fine Silver Proof Coin – 95th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II RRP $95.00
  • 2021 50c Uncirculated Coin – 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Khanh RRP $10.00
  • 2021 $1 Coloured Uncirculated Two Coin set – Centenary of Ginger Meggs RRP $30.00
  • 2021 1/2oz $1 Coloured Silver Frosted Uncirculated Two-Coin Set – Centenary of Ginger Meggs RRP $130.00
  • 2021 ½ gm $2 Frosted Uncirculated Gold Coin – Mini Koala RRP $85
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    Stolen Coins Adelaide August 2020

    The Purple Penny was the target of coin theft that occurred on August 28th 2020. A man and a woman visited our shop on Hurtle Parade in Mawson Lakes on Friday afternoon and stole an album of coins. The details of the theft can be found in the police link below and your help with identification of the offenders is appreciated. Please share the post and call Crime Stoppers if you have any information 1800 333 000.
    South Australia Police Facebook post

    A black Purple Penny album (without the slipcover) was taken containing many coins all of which are errors and varieties. These were Australian pre-decimal halfpennies, pennies, threepences, sixpences, shillings and florins with minor errors. These may be planchet flaws, edge bites, partial collar errors, broadstrikes, cuds, split planchets and varieties. The album also contained some world errors in particular from New Zealand and Great Britain.

    (Left) Example of Error Coin in Saflip with Price Label (Right) Folder Insert

    Some of the stolen coins exactly as imaged are seen below. If you see these exact coins we urge you to contact Police.

    New Zealand 1971 5c Off Centre Error
    New Zealand 1957 Sixpence Split Planchet Pair (two halves)
    Australia 1954 Threepence Ramstrike Error
    Australia 1962 Shilling Clipped Planchet (Edge Bite)
    Australian Penny Blank (Type 2)
    Australia 1933 Penny Overdate Variety
    Australia 1950 Penny Partial Collar Error
    Australia 1942-I Halfpenny Long Reverse Denticles Variety
    Australia 1952a Penny Pointed Serif 2 Variety
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    Australian Enamel Badges

    Australian has a long history of producing enamelled badged for commemorative, celebratory, and fund raising purposes. Australian enamel badges can be found dating from the late 19th century to the modern day. World War 1 through to the 1950’s was really the hey-day of the production for Australian enamelled badged. The most popular types of enamelled badges include sporting, fund-raising, military, and society badges. For example, enamelled regimental badges from the Australian Imperial force of World War 1 are extremely popular and command very high prices. The same can be said of sporting badges from World War 2 and earlier, with (as you’d expect) AFL, Rugby League, and Cricket badges being among the most collectable. If you’re interested in fund-raising badges then generally the higher denomination badges are more collectable and have a higher valued, this is simply because less of the higher denomination badges were sold during.

    Australia Day 1917 Gilt with Blue Enamel Badge

    Other areas of interest are Australia Day badges, radio club badges, bowling club badges, nurses badges, Red Cross badges, sporting club badges, trades union badges, and RSL badges. Generally the collector base for these types of badges is smaller and the prices for quality items can be less.

    When you’re looking at purchasing Australian enamel badges then condition is usually paramount. Ideally all the enamel would be present and there would be no discolouration. If the badge is gilt metal then the gilding would also be fully present and not damaged. The pin and latch on the reverse of the badge should also be fully intact and not too badly bent. Of course you’ll find that base metal badges tend to sell for less than silver badges, and similarly gold badges command the biggest premium. This is a combination of the value of the metal but also the scarcity of the numbers of precious metal enamelled badges that were released.

    circa 1917 Australian Children’s Patriotic Fund War Service Badge

    If you’re looking for the value of any Australian enamel badges then you could Contact Us or trying searching past auction results on a site like Noble Numismatics.

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    Royal Australian Mint Coin Dealer In Adelaide Online and In-store at Mawson Lakes

    Buy all the latest Mint Sets, Proof Sets and collector coins issued by the Royal Australian Mint at our retail shop in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

    The Purple Penny, as well as opening their retail premises in 2019 has become a Mint Coin Dealer authorised to sell official products. Whether it be one of the many themed collector coins from trains, planes, cars, lunar animals, cute kids characters or military themes there is a collector coin for the next birthday present, wedding or special day. You can also buy online and if you don’t see what you’re after then drop us a line and we’ll always try and help out.

    For collectors keeping coin sets up to date with new issues we’re always happy to help you secure the new releases and hold them until you can drop in-store and save on postage! If you’re looking to find older issues or coins from previous years we have a hoard of coins in store and a network of contacts to help find that rare coin you’ve been looking for.

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    We Buy and Sell Gold Coins in Adelaide

    The Purple Penny Coins deals in an extensive range of Australian and world gold coins. We pay top prices when you want to sell your gold coins and have very competive prices when selling old gold coins. Call us on 0422 977 753 or visit our retail store in Mawson Lakes if you have gold coins to sell or want to buy gold coins.

    We Are Gold Coin Buyers

    The Purple Penny is always interested in buying gold coins from anywhere in the world. Coins we always like to purchase include Australian and British gold sovereigns and half sovereigns. Top prices are also paid for coins from other countries such as French 20 franc roosters or gold angels, German or Austrian 10 or 20 mark coins, and 10 franc coins from Switzerland. If your gold coin is heavily worn and has no real numismatic value then we will generally pay close to the gold bullion price that your coin contains. Gold coins that are in better condition and have numismatic value will often be purchased for more than the gold value your old gold coin contains.

    If you have one or one hundred gold coins to sell then The Purple Penny is always interested in buying.

    We Sell Gold Coins

    We always have a range of Australian and World Gold coins available for purchase from our online coin shop or from our retail store in Mawson Lakes. The Purple Penny specialises in Australian gold sovereigns and half sovereigns, and 999 gold bullion coins from the Royal Australian Mint or The Perth Mint. Often we have a number of PCGS graded gold coins for you to purchase online or from our shop. Please please call us on 0422 977 753 if there’s ever a gold coin you want to buy and we do not have it in stock. We can always call on our wide network of contacts try to source a coin for you!

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    Our Adelaide Coin Shop Opening 15 May 2019

    We are delighted to announce that Adelaide coin shop in the northern suburb of Mawson Lakes, South Australia will be opening on Wednesday 15th of May 2019. This will be Adelaide’s newest coin shop and we’ll be stocking our full range of Australian pre-decimal coins, world coins, PCGS graded coins, coin errors, and archival safe coin accessories.

    We’ll also be buying coins, coin errors, banknotes, medals, medallions, stamps and collections that anyone might want to sell! Just pop in and see us!

    The Purple Penny Shop Front

    The Purple Penny Shop Address

    Shop 2 2-4 Hurtle Parade
    Mawson Lakes
    South Australia 5095
    Ring 0422 977 753

    500 meters from the Mawson Lakes Bus and Train Interchange.

    Opening Hours

    Wednesday to Friday – 10am to 4pm
    Saturday – 9am to 1pm

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    Coloured 2 Dollar Coins, Error Coins and The Purple Penny On Channel Nine

    Kathryn Speaking with Nine Reporter Via Phone Link and Cameraman John

    We recently spoke with a reporter for Channel 9 news about coloured $2 coins and their interest to collectors and I mentioned an error coin that came through our hands recently. That coin was the 2019 Mr Squiggle Bill the Steam Shovel that was mistakenly printed with the colour on the wrong side of the coin. Such an obviously wrong coin with the coloured circle over the Queen’s portrait this coin sold for a 4 figure sum over $6,500. The news couldn’t believe what they’d heard that an error coin made that much money in the marketplace. With only a handful of these bullseye or paint on the wrong side error coins this was the first known on a Mr Squiggle series issue. Before we knew it we had a news crew at our new shop (more details on that soon) filming for a story featuring the recently sold error coin.

    Link to the News segment video.
    9 News Queensland

    The news story aired on Friday 26th April 2019 to Brisbane local audiences and mentioned the “finder” of the coin almost spent the $2 on a loaf of bread. An interesting extension of that story is that the error coin surfaced in Tasmania, the husband found the “funny looking” $2 in the console of the car and spoke to his wife about the coin to which she said bring it home and I’ll take a look. Later the coin could not be found and after a search of the house it turned up in the back of the couch!! The Purple Penny was then contacted for coin error advice and the rest is history.

    The wrong paint error coin can be found here:
    Australia 2019 $2 Mr Squiggle Bill the Steam Shovel Paint on Wrong Side Error

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    New Phone Number

    The Purple Penny has a new phone number. You can now contact us on 0422 977 753. That’s 04229 PRPLE for those intrigued by the number choice! We look forward to hearing from you if you want to sell or buy coins in particular if you are in Adelaide. We buy coins Australia wide, take a look at our Google reviews from customers of The Purple Penny. If you are looking to purchase have a browse of what we have for sale, pop the items in your shopping cart or call or email us about something specific you are looking for.

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    Inventory Additions

    We are flush with lovely coins recently graded by PCGS. The team have been busily photographing their beauty and a listing frenzy is on! Our advice is to take a look in your favourite website category because there has been more new items listed than fit on the newly listed coins page! Mark has also been busy tweaking the search function to make navigation of the site easier.

    1956 Florin PCGS MS65

    Canada 1924 5 Cents PCGS MS64

    Great Britain 1890 Fourpence PCGS PL66

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    Our Biggest Gold Hoard

    We’ve just had graded by PCGS our biggest hoard of gold coins yet. Mostly gold sovereigns the new coins range in dates from 1882 to 1930 and were struck at all 3 Australian Mints. All mint state (uncirculated or better) examples of gleaming gold these are quite affordable and as an investment won’t ever be worth less than their intrinsic gold value. Struck in 22 carat gold this entire gold hoard features St George on horse slaying the dragon on the reverse and the reigning monarch on the obverse. See our gold range in the Australian Pre Decimal Coins-> Sovereign & Half Sovereign category.

    The 1886 Melbourne Sovereign grades PCGS MS63

    1930 Perth Sovereign PCGS MS62