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Our Adelaide Coin Shop Opening 15 May 2019

We are delighted to announce that Adelaide coin shop in the northern suburb of Mawson Lakes, South Australia will be opening on Wednesday 15th of May 2019. This will be Adelaide’s newest coin shop and we’ll be stocking our full range of Australian pre-decimal coins, world coins, PCGS graded coins, coin errors, and archival safe coin accessories.

We’ll also be buying coins, coin errors, banknotes, medals, medallions, stamps and collections that anyone might want to sell! Just pop in and see us!

The Purple Penny Shop Front

The Purple Penny Shop Address

Shop 2 2-4 Hurtle Parade
Mawson Lakes
South Australia 5095
Ring 0422 977 753

500 meters from the Mawson Lakes Bus and Train Interchange.

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Friday – 10am to 4pm
Saturday – 9am to 1pm

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Coloured 2 Dollar Coins, Error Coins and The Purple Penny On Channel Nine

Kathryn Speaking with Nine Reporter Via Phone Link and Cameraman John

We recently spoke with a reporter for Channel 9 news about coloured $2 coins and their interest to collectors and I mentioned an error coin that came through our hands recently. That coin was the 2019 Mr Squiggle Bill the Steam Shovel that was mistakenly printed with the colour on the wrong side of the coin. Such an obviously wrong coin with the coloured circle over the Queen’s portrait this coin sold for a 4 figure sum over $6,500. The news couldn’t believe what they’d heard that an error coin made that much money in the marketplace. With only a handful of these bullseye or paint on the wrong side error coins this was the first known on a Mr Squiggle series issue. Before we knew it we had a news crew at our new shop (more details on that soon) filming for a story featuring the recently sold error coin.

Link to the News segment video.
9 News Queensland

The news story aired on Friday 26th April 2019 to Brisbane local audiences and mentioned the “finder” of the coin almost spent the $2 on a loaf of bread. An interesting extension of that story is that the error coin surfaced in Tasmania, the husband found the “funny looking” $2 in the console of the car and spoke to his wife about the coin to which she said bring it home and I’ll take a look. Later the coin could not be found and after a search of the house it turned up in the back of the couch!! The Purple Penny was then contacted for coin error advice and the rest is history.

The wrong paint error coin can be found here:
Australia 2019 $2 Mr Squiggle Bill the Steam Shovel Paint on Wrong Side Error

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New Phone Number

The Purple Penny has a new phone number. You can now contact us on 0422 977 753. That’s 04229 PRPLE for those intrigued by the number choice! We look forward to hearing from you if you want to sell or buy coins in particular if you are in Adelaide. We buy coins Australia wide, take a look at our Google reviews from customers of The Purple Penny. If you are looking to purchase have a browse of what we have for sale, pop the items in your shopping cart or call or email us about something specific you are looking for.

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Newly Listed Items Page Issues

A bug in the WordPress update has rendered our newly listed items page currently displaying items in the incorrect order. This problem is being looked into and hopefully will be rectified soon. We apologise this site feature is currently unavailable to our customers.

As a workaround for the time being all new items will feature on the webshop home page so they can be easily found.

edit- 20 Aug this issue is now resolved.

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New Listings

It’s been 2 months since we launched the new revamped website and feedback has been fantastic, thank you. The customer experience has improved and we’re happy to say that sales are up too! We have been listing some new items and freshly graded coins just back from PCGS. A highlight has been a New Zeand 1955 proof shilling that was quick to sell.

This week we’ve listed up some fantastic British coins that include 1892, 1901, and 1908 maundy sets and a superb red 1899 GB penny.

On the Australian front we have just listed a 1938 threepence, and 1938 sixpence both in PCGS MS66 and both equal finest graded.

For the error and varieties collectors we listed a New Zealand Bahama Islands mule and an Australian 1981 NO SD variety 2 cent both PCGS graded. You may have also missed a 1975 50 cent struck 20% off centre that brought a lot of interest from buyers.

Keep an eye out for more newly listed coins in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by our website.

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New Website Goes Live

Whilst we wait for our latest submission at PCGS we’ve been secretly working on revamping The Purple Penny website. We’ve spent 8 years in the old shop but it was time to update and re-energise the design and processes within the website. As a result we’ve completely re-jigged everything from the shopping basket, checkout process, coin listings, layout and design. This should all provide a better and more streamlined customer experience. Moving to WordPress has had it’s challenges but internet, coding and php wizz Mark has been at the top of his game. Thanks to Marks hard work and backseat driving from myself the new site looks amazing. Our guide dog puppy Maisy thinks it looks good too!

With all new challenges we expect some teething problems. If you are having trouble with anything including making your purchase then please contact us and let us know. If you notice any problems them we’d also like to know what they are so we can rectify them promptly. If you love the new site you could always send us a message and tell us that too!

Many Thanks,


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The Purple Penny News

You might have noticed things on The Purple Penny website have been a little quiet lately for new high quality PCGS graded coin stock. This is because PCGS are experiencing a high workload and the turnaround time for our coins has blown out for some submissions to over double what the usual time is.

Easily viewed on the PCGS Statistics page the grading times for regular submissions which is usually 15 business days has blown out over double at 33 business days and economy submissions at a target of 20 business days are coming in at 42 business days. Add a week each way for shipping and an extra week for PCGS to recognise our submission after delivery then you can see the turnaround for coins to be graded by PCGS can blow out to over 3 months! So be patient with us, new stock will be arriving soon.

On the other side of things accessory sales are doing well as collectors are realising the true value of ridding their collections of pvc storage accessories and housing their coins in our quality archival polypropylene alternatives.

We weren’t able to attend the recent Sydney ANDA show but we’ll be at Adelaide ANDA in full force in October.

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Spring Welcomes Some New Grades

Things have been a little quiet lately and I’ll put that down to the cold of Winter but now we’ve turned the corner into Spring a cheery disposition is warranted. We’ve recently sent over 4 submissions to PCGS with some returned already, some grades in and some still pending.  We get notification of the grading about 10 days before the coins actually arrive back to us, thus some coins already sell to our regular customers before the coins are even back into the country and they never even make it to be listed on the website.  Top population coins and high grades particularly sell quite quickly.  Amongst the grades we’ve been notified of already are a 1951PL 1/2d MS65RD, 1947 & 1948 3d MS65, 1951PL 3d MS66, 1952 3d MS65, 1952 & 1958 2s MS64, 1948m & 1950m & 1951PL 1d MS64RB.