Australian Shillings for Sale

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Showing all 27 results

If you’re looking to buy a quality Australian shilling then look no further than The Purple Penny. We stock a full range of Australian shillings including lustrous and common dates from 1950’s and 1960’s through to earlier examples from 1910 onward bearing the portraits of King Edward VII, King George V and King George VI.

Collectors looking for an affordable George V 1s should look toward 1936. For a nice George VI Penny look no further than a 1953 or 1952 shilling, or perhaps one struck in the USA from the 1940’s. Queen Elizabeth shillings are affordable for most years (except perhaps the 1954 and 1956). Look for one that is lustrous and well struck.

Where possible we’ll get our Australian shillings graded by PCGS. This gives the you certainty as to the authenticity and grade of the coin. Also a PCGS or NGC slab affords the coin a much better degree of protection than a 2×2.
Drop a PCGS slab and you won’t damage your coin!