Coin Errors and Varieties

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Showing 1–100 of 162 results

Coin errors and varieties are a specific area of interest among coin collectors. An area that we have seen grow in interest and value in the last 10 years. A point to note is that a coin error is unique and not repeatable. A coin variety happens usually due to a difference in the coin dies and more than one coin of a given variety must exist for it to be called a coin variety.

When purchasing a coin error it’s important to educate yourself enough to understand how an error could have been produced. This means having knowledge of the coin production process and a good understanding of the different types of coin errors. Of course it also helps if you purchase your errors from a dealer who has detailed knowledge in the area, like us!

We’ve been collecting and dealing in coin errors for more than 10 years. Our coin blog is the biggest of it’s type in Australia and deals largely in examination of error coins. Furthermore some of our articles have been published in various international coin collecting publications.