Pre-Decimal Coin Errors & Varieties

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Showing all 86 results

Australian pre decimal coin errors provide a wide range of different errors to the keen error collector. Out of collar and broadstrikes are common in the penny and half penny series. The keen collector of clipped planchet pre decimal coin errors is going to find them in all the denominations except the gold. They are quite common in the bronze coins and smaller silver denominations.

Scarcer errors such as indents and brockages are available in the bronze coins, especially on dates from the 1940’s. In fact some beautiful early state brockage pennies appear at auction a few times a year. Australian pre-decimal blanks turn up reasonably frequently too in the bronze series. Silver blanks appear much less often and we’ve never actually seen a blank crown.

Errors in the gold series are almost non existent. We’ve seen one broadstrike on the market and the remainder would be classified as varieties rather than errors. So if you’re keen on gold coin errors you might be waiting a while to find one!