Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion for Sale

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Showing all 25 results

Showing all 25 results

From time to time we have we have bullion silver and gold for sale. This might be numismatic silver or gold, silver or gold rounds or bars, or scrap gold or silver at or near spot price. Numismatic gold or silver could include coins or medals and medallions. Silver and gold rounds and bars are made specifically to store precious metals in easy in an easy to store form. Scrap gold and silver might be old jewellery, very worn silver coins, very worn gold coins, or even watches or cutlery!

What you’ll usually see in our bullion silver and gold category are :

  •  80% silver 1966 round 50 cent coins,
  • “pre” scrap silver, or groups of Australian pre-decimal coins from before 1946 that are 92.5% silver.
  • “post” scrap silver, or groups of Australian pre-decimal coins from 1946 to 1963 that are 50% silver.
  • Bullion silver products from the Perth Mint, such as 1 ounce kookaburras or 10 ounce silver coins or the hefty 1 kilogram silver coins.
  • Bullion silver products from The Royal Australian Mint which are typically 1 ounce silver coins.