Our Products

We are coin collectors of many years experience and bring that same experience to you, the Australian coin collector. We try to stock only the best third party graded collector coins and archival quality coin collecting supplies. Hard experience has taught us to get PVC out of your coin collection and we manufacture and supply the right products to allow you to do this.

  • Australian Decimal Coins

    Australian decimal coins are perhaps the most popular collecting area for Australian coin collectors. From time to time we'll be selling better PCGS and NGC graded decimal coins as well Royal Australian Mint collector coin products.
  • Australian Pre Decimal Coins

    Australian Pre Decimal Coins were minted dated from 1910 to 1964 and are where the serious collector of Australian coins spends most of their time. We try to stock only the best quality coins usually slabbed by PCGS.

  • Numismatic Archival Accessories

    As collectors ourselves we've come to learn that storing your coin collection is of utmost importance if your coin is to remain in the same condition as the day you collected it. We manufacture our own coin safe (pvc free) coin albums and album pages out of archival grade polypropylene. Why risk your valuable coin collection in a cheap pvc coin folder and album pages?