2019 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing $5 Coloured and Nickel Plated One Ounce Fine Silver Domed Proof Coin


Coin Type:Nickel Plated Fine Silver Domed $5 Coin
Mint:Royal Australian Mint 
Metal:.999 Silver
Mass (approx):1oz
Obverse:Elizabeth II and Parkes Antenna, Moon & Earth (Rank-Broadley & A. Ball)
Reverse:Coloured Earth & Astronaut (A. Ball)
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“One Giant Leap For Mankind” celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing in 2019. One ounce of fine silver dome shaped with a coloured Earth and nickel plating to give the coin a dark appearance.

*Note this is a stock image of this product from the Royal Australian Mint, we may have multiples available.