2020 50c Afghan Cameleers Uncirculated in Card


Coin Type:50 cent
Mint:Royal Australian Mint 
Metal:Cupro Nickel
Diameter (approx):31.51mm
Mass (approx):15.55g
Obverse:Elizabeth II (Jody Clark)
Reverse:Afghan Cameleers (L Ashe)

Afghan Cameleers -Pioneers of Inland Transport uncoloured 50 Cent uncirculated in informative card.

The Afghan cameleers who travelled to Australia from 1859 made a significant contribution to the exploration of Australia’s inland, and to the development of Australia as a multicultural nation. To commemorate their work, the Royal Australian Mint has released a special 50 cent uncirculated coin.

*Stock images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint. We have multiples of this new product available under our authorised distributor status.