**NEW** 2023 Renniks Australian Coin and Banknote Values Catalogue 32nd Edition Softcover In Stock



Australia’s leading coin and banknote values catalogue. Released in October 2023 this catalogue contains 360 pages more than 4,500 colour images. It has the most up to date what’s been issued and value information for the collector of Australian coins and banknotes. Covered are copper, silver, gold, nickel and alloy coins and notes used in Australia from 1800 to present. Subjects include Pre-Decimal and Decimal currency -coins and banknotes, as well as privately issued banknotes, war issues, and privately issued tokens. Information on mintages and values for circulating coins, non-circulating collector coins (NCLT) and well-known varieties and errors. Mintmarks, privy-marks and counterstamps also included. Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint & Australia Post Numismatic Covers (PNC’s). So much to list!

There will certainly be a coin or note in this book that you didn’t know existed and will need to hunt down! Happy collecting.