Australia 1861 Ten Shillings Wentworth Darling Junction Shinplaster


Grade:Fine (Hole/Rips)

Denomination: 10/-
Date: 1861
Grade: Fine (Holes/Tears)
Serial Number: 48

A pre-federation “Shinplaster” promissory note. Issued by Randell & Scott for Wentworth, Darling Junction. A genuinely rare item with only one other of this type known. Note has splits, a hole at the top and a rip to the bottom edge.

A similar note sold in Nobles Sale 106 in July 2014 where it was listed as the only known example and that example was glued to a card. That note sold for $1200. Our note is second known example and is clearly superior to the aforementioned note as it is not stuck down on a card.