Australia 1920 Penny London Obverse Dot Above Bottom Scroll PCGS VF20


Coin Type:Australia Penny
Grade:PCGS VF20
Certificate Number:38685296
Obverse:George V (Bertram Mackennal)
Reverse:One Penny

The 1920 London / English Obverse with dot above bottom scroll is probably the second rarest Australian penny variety available. Certainly an order of magnitude more scarce than the fabled 1930 penny. Since 2006 we are aware of just 5 examples of this variety selling.

This coin is a lovely even light brown colour with no problems. Graded by PCGS as VF20. Please view the gallery images for this item to see alignment of obverse rim beads to confirm London obverse die, the presence of the dot above bottom scroll (and no top dot), and characteristic line through the D of FD on the obverse.

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