Australia 1976 Two Cent Partial Collar and Multiple Strike Error Uncirculated


Coin Type:Australia 2 Cent
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II (Arnold Machin)
Reverse:Frill Necked Lizard (Stuart Devlin)

Interesting 1976 2 cent double error. The coin has failed to engage fully with the collar die giving the classic ‘railroad wheel rim’ look of the straight partial collar error. Additionally it appears that the coin has actually jammed in the collar die resulting in it being struck multiple times in collar. Apparent from doubling of legends and rim.

Toned and uncirculated. Two areas of obverse rim damage, probably from a press operator forcing it from jammed coin dies.

You can read more about 2 cent errors struck multiple times in collar here.

Supplied in an archival Saflip.

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