Australia 2015 50th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Mint Two Coin Set


Coin Type:50c x 2
Mint:Royal Australian Mint 
Obverse:Elizabeth II (Machin/Rank-Broadley)
Reverse:Coat of Arms (Stuart Devlin)

The Royal Australian Mint was opened in 1965. As the first wholly Australian-owned mint, it was established to produce the distinctly Australian coins that the nation would be using after the changeover to decimal currency on 14 February 1966.

In the fifty years since its opening (1965-2015), the Mint has produced circulating, uncirculated and proof coins which have celebrated events, inspirational people, innovations and icons, all treasured parts of Australian culture. With its coins being such a vital part of everyday life and the foundation of many collections, they have struck a chord with many people in many different ways. The nation’s special affinity with the Mint was celebrated on its fiftieth anniversary on 22 February 2015 with this 2 coin set.

Officially packaged by the Royal Australian Mint for this occasion. Includes genuine round fifty cent coin from 1966, ultrasonically cleaned and encapsulated (condition varies) along with 2015 fifty cent proof coin, featuring a ‘C’ for Canberra mintmark (the first fifty cent coin to bear such a mark). House in a presentation case this set includes an 18-page booklet depicting fifty years of historical highlights (from both the Mint and Australian culture).

*Note this is a stock image courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint, we may have multiple items available.

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