Great Britain 1989 500th Anniversary Sovereign Proof


Coin Type:Great Britain Sovereign
Krause Number:KM #767
Mint:Royal Mint
Metal:Gold (.917)
Obverse:Elizabeth II seated on coronation throne
Reverse:Crowned and quartered shield on tudor rose
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This 22ct gold sovereign was produced to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign that was issued in 1489 in the reign of Henry VII. The lovely design was sculpted by Bernard Sindall, a well known British scultor. The obverse shows Elizabeth II seated in the state thrown with sceptres and heraldic robes. The reverse of the coin shows a Tudor Rose in the centre with a crown above and the Royal Coat of Arms in the centre. Around the device is the legend “Anniversary of the Gold Sovereign 1489-1989” in medieval style script.

This is example is supplied in box and capsule of issue but the COA is missing. There’s a few ticks on the obverse. Typically these sell for £1200 (AUD$2250) or more at auction. Here’s a chance to get a desirable coin at lower than market price!

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